Video Drumming

In this project I trigger audio and video by playing on electronic drum pads. The audience gets an inside in to ware the sound come from by playing with audio and video samples.
The project was done in colaboration with Rob Donkers and Aart Muis from Rnul interactive and with Roger Knoren.

Bang on the Screen

Video drumming solo created for the Urban Explorers festival. Video drumming by the drum students of the pop centrale in Dordrecht. I was asked to creat a video drum pease for four drummers.  together with students we shot the video and audio material. R nul did the Max msp programming for the four drumming setups. The drummers played on floor tom, Rack tom, snare drum with triggers and spd-20. This was sponsored by feedback in Rotterdam.

Prix du Port

Video drumming solo for Prix du Port. The theme was wather so I shot some video audio samples of wather. This video was shot during the first round I got second place in the finals.