Boom boom du Terre

In 2010 I’ve released the first Boom boom du Terre album titled Your favourite alBoom.
Doing so I’ve started my carrier as dance producer. The aim of the release was to let people hear the music I was creating off stage at home as a hobby. I was curious about what people would think of it. After the release in May 2010 a small tour fallowed playing clubs and festivals in the Netherlands. The shows I’m mostly proud of where at State X new forms, Lastplak party in the very small club zonder consessies and the big Lowlands festival.
I’m currently working on the second release and sometimes I post some short new stuff and story’s about Boom boom du Terre here on this page.
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Boom boom du Terre release in de maak

Experiment met drum chains in ABleton Live software.
Om zowel in de studio als live de beats wat meer variatie te geven qua klank heb ik in mijn software wat geprogrammeerd waarmee ik met een schuifje samples kan wisselen terwijl de beat doorgaat.
Hierdoor kan ik het zelfde ritme steeds anders laten klinken hartstikke leuk om mee te spelen.