Boom boom du Terre

In 2010 I’ve released the first Boom boom du Terre album titled Your favourite alBoom.
Doing so I’ve started my carrier as dance producer. The aim of the release was to let people hear the music I was creating off stage at home as a hobby. I was curious about what people would think of it. After the release in May 2010 a small tour fallowed playing clubs and festivals in the Netherlands. The shows I’m mostly proud of where at State X new forms, Lastplak party in the very small club zonder consessies and the big Lowlands festival.
I’m currently working on the second release and sometimes I post some short new stuff and story’s about Boom boom du Terre here on this page.
Visit the Boom boom du Terre website

Boom boom du Terre release in de maak

Experiment met drum chains in ABleton Live software.
Om zowel in de studio als live de beats wat meer variatie te geven qua klank heb ik in mijn software wat geprogrammeerd waarmee ik met een schuifje samples kan wisselen terwijl de beat doorgaat.
Hierdoor kan ik het zelfde ritme steeds anders laten klinken hartstikke leuk om mee te spelen.

Buma Rotterdam Beats

Boom boom du Terre is booked for Buma Rotterdam Beats!
Buma Rotterdam beats is a new music festival in Rotterdam and will be helt on Novermber 25,26 and 27. I will play on the 27th in the Maassilo in Rotterdam on the closing party. Some of the other acts on the festival are: Zwart Licht, De Jeugd van tegenwordig, Postman, Typhoon & the Newcool collective and many more.
For more info and tickets go to the Buma Rotterdam beats site.
I hope to see you there 😀

Forest Fire EP now available on iTunes

The Boom boom du Terre remix of the song Hypothetical Theoretical by Knobsticker is available on iTunes from today. You can get the full EP for just €3,99 or single songs for just €0,99. By the way, down here it says the EP is €2,99 but on the site it says €3,99. Anyway really cheap for the amount of time and energy we all put in remixing the songs. Emjoy 😀

You can download the EP or single tracks at the iTunes store, click here.

More info about knobsticker here.

Boom boom du Terre on Lowlands 2010

My Boom boom du Terre show at the Lowlands festival was a great experience and succes! I was nervous and tired before going on stage. The whole crew worked hard to get this show on the road. And I’m very proud of the outcome.

The visuals ware made by:
Ronnie Deelen, Joost van den Bosch, Michelle van Mill, Rob Donkers and me. Rob created the video software that let me trigger the clips with my mpc1000 and he mixed the live footage with the animations that were shown on the huge 3 x 6 meter LED screen.
The rest of the crew were: Tammo Kersbergen sound engineer, Thijmen Bergman stage tech, Mourits party boy, Immanuel Spoor management and Thijs van Buuren mergandise.
Thanks to them we had a great show and a great weekend.
But don’t believe me just watch the movie’s and read the press articles if you can read Dutch.

Article VPRO 3 voor 12 in Dutch

Club 3voor12 with Boom boom du Terre

Here are some pictures of my show at Rotown with Boom boom du Terre